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Do you own a Windows Phone (WP) 7 or 7.5 and you are sick of waiting for the update from your mobile /cell phone manufacturer? Do you want to get the nice and fresh WM 8 look like interface, then this post is for you.

Thanks to Windows Phone Hacker web site, now you can “force your” phone to get the latest update. All what you have to do is download the Seven- Eighter update tool, and then close “Zune” and run this little tool to force your Zune to see the WM 7.8 update, After downloading, and testing the tool, and my phone for few days I decided to share my experience with you so you can also get this update.

Please continue reading and enjoy WM7.8, again thanks to Windows Phone Hacker

Hey guys! Since the Windows Phone 7.8 cabs are out and about now, I created a simple little tool to automate the process of downloading and installing the updates to your phone.

This tool will install the official, RTM Windows Phone 7.8 update today, right now. It's easy. Just click Install 7.8, then select the desired language packages. Then wait.

Basically, the tool acts as a wrapper for the UpdateWP file, and contains all the updates and their language packs. Using this tool has the same risk as using the manual cab method, so keep in mind that I'm not responsible for the chance something goes wrong, despite that being very low. It's also a tad experimental, but it seemed to work for a great deal of people while I was sleeping, so have at it ;)

Download it over here. Please do not hotlink, link to this page instead. Thanks. Also, if you have issues with it, feel free to tinker with the source code to find your problem. It's a huge mess, but it should be easy enough to follow and patch if necessary.

If you have issues with about or wallpaper not opening, you have language pack issues. There's info here about that. You can always use Zune to restore to before you used this tool if you have too many issues.

Good luck, and post your results here!

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