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I am happy to announce that I am going to be in Baku, Azerbaijan to speak at conference organized by "Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic Azerbaijan and ADA University” named the "National Security in the Information Age" conference: security considerations of relying on ICTs. The conference is in April 13 – 14 (2015) at ADA University, Baku


Azerbaijan wants to become a regional hub for ICT services and products, as part of its larger objective to develop the non-oil sector of the economy. In the last several years, Azerbaijan launched its first telecommunications satellite into space, established the Information Technologies academy, inaugurated Sumgait Technology park, made milestone progresses in developing the capacity for e-government services, and is about to complete the first stage of Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) project, which aims at connecting Western Europe to Eastern Asia via transnational fiber-optic cable. As outlined in the main development concept of the country “Azerbaijan 2020: Look in to the future”, transitioning to information society and strengthening of competitive and export-oriented ICT potential are priority tasks for the government of Azerbaijan. Such developments make it even more imperative for Azerbaijan to develop the capacity for combatting cybercrimes and ensure the safety of its cyberspace.
Cyberspace is turning into the backbone of modern societies as more and more industries are transitioning to electronic control and management of their daily operations. While application of modern information technologies makes our lives easier and increases productivity, it also creates new opportunities for criminal cells. Therefore, recent economic development of Azerbaijan, accompanied by modernization of infrastructure and permeation of information technologies throughout the public and private sectors, puts a special emphasis on developing the capacity for preventing and countering cyber-crimes in Azerbaijan.
This conference aims at raising general awareness within government, private and non-profit sectors about new developments in the sphere of cybersecurity. On the first day of the conference we will have discussion panels that will bring together international experts together with representatives of pertinent government institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector. We also expect that the panel discussions will develop the operational and technical knowledge of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers who deal with cybercrimes. So, in the first half of the second day the participants will break into two working groups: 1) cybercrime investigations for law enforcement officers; 2) Private Public sector Partnership and data security management.

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