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The e-Crime and information security Series delivers critical information, examples of best practice and practical case studies that detail how to proactively reduce risk in a changing business and technology environment, defend IT systems or data against emerging threats, identify sophisticated cyber attacks and comply with relevant legal, compliance, or regulatory requirements.

The e-Crime Series is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the private sector and large government enterprise IT departments. Events take place throughout Europe and the Middle East. The e-Crime Series flagship event, the e-Crime Congress, is held in March each year in London and has welcomed thousands of information security professionals over the past 11 years

And I am pleased to be part of E Crime as Speaker with 2 sessions...

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TechEd Europe is Microsoft’s premier technology conference for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, providing the technical education, product evaluation, and community resources to plan, architect, deploy, manage and secure a connected enterprise.

We are excited to announce that TechEd Europe will be held October 28-31 at Fira Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.

If you are unable to attend this Premier networking , learning conference yes you will lose a lot, but at least you will be able still watch the recording of my sessions right after the session has been delivered right here in my blog.

This year, I have 2 sessions again, and details are below:

WIN-B326 Advanced Windows Defense

WIN-B327 Hacker Tools for Ethical Hackers to Protect Windows Clients

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Over 5000 people has registered to my upcoming "Hacking Countermeasures short course ". If you have not signed up yet, please do so, and if you did please share and  Help me to break a new record :) Below is the link to register and the newsletter which went out by Charles Sturt University / IT Masters :)

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Hacker Halted 2014 When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, Ethical Hackers will save the world.

In this world of “Super Storms” its not hard to look back and recall Tornadoes in Huntsville or Oklahoma, Hurricane Katrina, Typhoons in the Philippines, Floods in India and Mexico, the earthquake in Haiti and most recently, the deep freeze that has engulfed the US from Michigan to Georgia. The list goes on and on, and as we become more reliant on technology we become more vulnerable to Mother Nature.

This year at Hacker Halted we thought it would be fun… and important to explore how technology would hurt and more importantly help us in a natural disaster. Education and information sharing are our greatest weapons against future, potentially hazardous technologically vulnerabilities. Whether it be a weather related natural disaster or the Zombie Apocalypse, one thing is certain, no matter what comes our way, Ethical Hackers will save the world!

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Sydney - March 22, Saturday @ MS Sydney Office

MVP Community Camp (ComCamp) week is a six-day event with both Live Webcasts and In-Person Seminars. MVPs from nine countries will deliver webcasts available to anyone anywhere to learn trends and techniques from these industry leaders; the in-person seminars will be available in 22 cities across seven countries with tracks providing opportunities to connect with others in the same expertise/interest area and to have a number of technology hands-on experiences.

The in-person Sydney ComCamp 2014 will include 12 sessions delivered by MVPs who not only possess the expert knowledge in their field but also have been influential technical leaders to IT community and audiences. Each session is 50 minutes long and includes Q&A to help you get an instant feedback on questions you have had during the session.  Between each session, 30 minutes break is given for MVPs and community members to network, share their thoughts on topics presented and share technical experiences.

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Staff favorites: 17 can’t-miss IT blogs


The TrainSignal crew is all about staying on top of the latest and greatest in IT. That means we spend a lot of time reading IT blogs and discovering new sites to inspire us. If you need to add to your daily reading collection, we encourage you to check out the following blogs, which are among our favorites.

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Microsoft Certified Trainers

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies. Join this exclusive group of Microsoft technical training professionals and reap the benefits of membership, including access to the complete library of official Microsoft training and certification products; substantial discounts on exams, books and Microsoft products; readiness resources and access to a members-only online community; and invitations to exclusive events and programmes.

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you will need to earn a Microsoft Certification validating your experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions for each course you deliver.

The Microsoft Certified Trainer programme is an annual membership programme. You will need to complete an online application, pay an annual fee and meet programme requirements to renew your certification for the coming year.

For questions about the certification process or about the programme requirements, contact a Microsoft Regional Service Centre near you.

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