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We were delighted yesterday to see Erdal Ozkaya’s talk being standing room only at TechEd Australia. Erdal is our Australia New Zealand Director and a super smart guy. Dark side of Social Networking Erdal’s talk was about the “Dark side of Social Networking”. Read the blurb below Social networking has changed the way we interact [...]

The post Erdal Ozkaya’s Standing room only talk at Teched Australia. :) appeared first on KEMP Technologies.

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KEMP Technologies, leading price/performance server load balancer and application delivery controller (ADC) solution provider, is giving away $1 Million Dollars at Microsoft TechEd Australia 2013!

In the now famous and funny Mike Myers "Austin Powers" Movies, Dr. Evil is famously mocked when he's unfrozen in our era for demanding "One Million Dollars" from world leaders to spare the earth from destruction. Some people thought it was such classic movie gold that it even became an internet méme. (see above as an example)

Well maybe it's not a lot to demand as a ransom for the earth, but we still think it's a big number. That's why it's fun for us to do this kind of giveaway for the people attending TechEd Australia 2013.

We will also be demonstrating our Layer 7 load balancer for Azure. You can check out our Edge Security Pack to help you with replacing Forefront TMG functionality. 

$1,000,000? Really?

Yes really!

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EC Council was reported to have been compromised by a hacker called Godzilla. Based on published materials it seems that the hacker got access to training course material of several certification programs.
Looking into the published content by the hacker and analysing the screenshots shows that the server was hacked by the upload of the WSO web shell code

The malicious shell was probably uploaded due to an exploit of a known vulnerability in the Joomla CMS (Content Management System) used by the site – judging by the file date in the screenshot the system has not been updated since 2010.

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Congratulations Erdal: KEMP Technologies Australia / New Zealand Regional Director, Erdal Ozkaya, Awarded Microsoft MVP

Here at KEMP we love working with the smartest people, and Erdal Ozkaya is certainly one of those. As if to underline it to us all, he has once again been re-awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Windows Expert-IT Pro.

We’d like to extend our huge congratulations to Erdal on receiving this award for the third year in a row. It’s a pleasure to have leaders in their field working with us in KEMP.

To find out more about Erdal and his achievements, you should check out his about page.

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Using tech for your business

Using tech for your business

Upgrading the technology that runs your business could mean the difference between keeping the status quo and boosting sales. In line with their commitment to empower businesses through technology, Microsoft, together with its Certified Partner for Learning Solutions namely Fast Lane, brought Erdal Ozkaya, one of their top global IT experts to share expertise to existing and potential SME members of Microsoft Philippines Enterprise Partners during an MVP Led Community Event.

Erdal Ozkaya is one of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and an expert in several Microsoft products such as Active Directory, and Windows Client and Server. During the forum, Ozkaya shared his knowledge and expertise on the importance for SMEs and local businesses to maximize and enhance their IT infrastructure with Microsoft technologies to help them achieve business growth. He also discussed how Filipino businesses can maximize leading Microsoft technologies such as Server 2012, Office 365 and Windows 8 to accelerate the achievement of their business goals through enhancing their computing and IT ecosystem.

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