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Dear Blog readers,

In the last few months I started to receive more and more questions such as: “We are Hacked , please help” . As I have experienced this as a professional many many times and helped many customers during my career I decided to write this short blog post to help you start from somewhere.

Even though this “ We are powned” question could have many different answers depending on the scenario , they are some key things which you can do regardless of the details.

Below is a short list of TO DO if you experience an attack in your network / computer.

Please note, this blog post is not technical, if you want some technical information you can watch my prerecorded sessions, training classes , to make your life easier I am including the links on the appendix section of this post as well

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Microsoft Ignite

I am proud to be part of Microsoft Ignite this year again. This is an event which I am part of since 2007 ( as speaker & Technical expert) . This year (2016) I will be delivering 2 Breakout session as Futured speaker , and as for the several past few years a good Friend MVP Raymond Comvalious will join me as co speaker,  and the sessions are as below:

Explore advanced Windows Defense

Interested in security? Want to protect your data in the real world? See how Microsoft Windows addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures and applications from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks.

Halt hackers: do those tricks still work with Windows 10?

Over the past years, attacks have become more sophisticated and what once was the most safe operating system on the planet, can now easily be hacked. What are the most compelling dangers for Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1, and how is Windows 10 capable of fixing them? This session shows what Windows 10 will help to protect out of the box and what you can do about the remaining threats.

Details about MSIgnite 16

Who will be there? Well, aside from yourself... Microsoft Ignite will host thousands of IT Decision Makers, IT Professionals, and Enterprise Developers from around the world. Microsoft technical and business leaders will be there, too—including Keynote Speaker Satya Nadella, and Brad Anderson, Joe Belfiore, Dave Campbell, Peggy Johnson, Chris Jones, Julie Larson Green, Gurdeep Singh Pall, and many others. With access to the best and brightest minds in the industry, you'll get practical guidance, inspiration, and insights to help launch your next successful project.

What is MS Ignite?

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Ask a random person on the street what cybersecurity means to him or her, and you might get a response that refers to the most recent big data breach. It’s hard to ignore being constantly told by major news outlets that the “private” in “private information” is a bad joke, and that not a single person who has ever entered so much as their favorite color into an online form is safe from black market traders, unscrupulous governments, internet hacktivists, and whatever other threats you can possibly imagine. Push the question a little further, and your random person on the street might tell you all the things they do to stay safe online — and all the things they don’t do. At the very least, you would probably conclude that awareness of cybersecurity issues has dramatically increased in the public sphere. Awareness is, to be sure, a crucial step in bolstering security, whether in a corporate context or a more personal one. But awareness is not enough.

As members of a digital, networked society, we shouldn’t simply be aware of our problems. Rather, we should be fixing them. We often fail to do that, though, choosing instead to just accept bad outcomes rather than address their root causes.

This is completely understandable when you think about the fact that security problems often seem insurmountable. What can we as individuals do, even if it’s just to protect our own personal information? There are too many points of failure, too many factors that are out of one person’s hands.

So rather than struggle independently with rudimentary tools and limited help from others, the most logical choice is to shift our focus and embrace a new standard: a culture of cybersecurity. To put it another way, we need a collective effort to share valuable security knowledge, strategies, best practices, and more with our fellow digital citizens. If we want effective cybersecurity, then all of us have to play a part.

What’s In It for Me?

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This post has the links for my "Turkish Webinar which was recorded for Microsoft Turkey, therefore the post will be in TURKISH!


Microsoft'un yeni teknolojileriyle siber tehditlere karsi savasin.

 Günümüzün dijital dünyasında siber saldırılar ne yazık ki tüm özel şirketlerin, kamu kurumlarının ve tüketicilerin karşı karşıya kaldığı bir gerçeklik. Araştırmalara göre, kimlik çalınmaları ve saldırının fark edilmesi arasında geçen ortalama 229 günde 160 milyon müşteri kaydı ele geçiriliyor; bu da pazarda 3 trilyon dolar değerinde bir zarara yol açıyor.

Bu tehditleri göz önünde bulundurduğumuzda Microsoft Türkiye olarak sizleri olası ataklara karşı bilgilendirmek üzere 21 Haziran saat 10:00'da gerçekleştireceğimiz Microsoft Siber Güvenlik Web Semineri'ne davet ediyoruz. Bu web semineri sayesinde Microsoft olarak siber güvenlik alanında yaptığımız çabalarımızı ve bunun teknolojilerimize nasıl yansıdığı hakkında daha fazla bilgi sahibi olacak ve siber güvenlik alanındaki uzmanlarımızla tanışma fırsatı bulacaksınız.

Sayet seminerimizi kacirdiysaniz, buradan Gorselleri indirip , semineri izleyebilirsiniz.

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Hi Everyone

I just found a great article written by Lewis Morgan on IT Governance UK web site, which lists all the incidents happen in March 2016. You will see ransomware attacks. Data breaches , DDOS and other attack types , which hit the news. Please keep in mind all these are public information and has nothing to do with me or with my day job. Just want to keep people informed, also share great resources here in my blog. I did not verify each and every source so the information shared is as is 
Now enjoy and BE SAFE

The list

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Since I am delivering many FREE online classes, I started to receive if not hundreds, tens of emails nearly every day from people across the globe asking my help on how they become a Security Professional like me .
Of course this is not one night thing, or there is no secret recipe, I am in the industry for so many years , but the way to success is always same.
 Read -> study -> practice -> read again -> research and -> Never give Up

This is a nonstop process , as the Cybersecurity industry is never stopping and Cybercriminals, Nation States are always a step ahead of us who wants to defend. ( So it’s not an easy job to be a defender)

Beside gaining certifications ( like EC Council, SANS, ISC, Logical Operations etc) a good start is keep an eye EVERY SINGLE DAY on the news on what is happening around us. For that I have listed few web sites, which some of you might know… I would recommend that you would start looking at them every day, and start reading on what is going on around you

Below is my TOP web sites , feel free to reach me out and let me know your TOP Web sites as well.  Happy reading /learning

PS: I will keep updating the web sites. ( as much as I can )

MY TOP Security Websites:

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I'm proud to be part of NATO CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DEFENCE AGAINST TERRORISM & representing Turkey & Australia , my session agenda as below

TERRORIST USE OF CYBER SPACE  (09-13 November 2015, Ankara-Turkey)

  • Preventing Advanced Persistent Threats in CyberSpace

  • Determining NATO's Cyber-Defense Policy Depending Upon Current Threats

  • Improving Global Collaboration in Cyber Defense



Vision for the future – The COE-DAT will continue to be a central point of defence against terrorism expertise in support of NATO, nations, partners and recognized institutions within the international defence against terrorism community.


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