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Transact Secure MENA 24-25 February 2015,

I am pleased to announce I will be speaking at the Transact Secure MENA, here at Dubai, My session will be about the latest online attacks which effects Banking customers, and yes, of course I will also present how “you” can mitigate this kind of attacks.

The Middle East and North Africa is a region with a high level of attention on anti-money laundering and counter-fraud activities, with regulatory focus aimed increasingly at KYC, authentication and PEP identification.

The recent uprisings in North Africa and parts of the Middle East dubbed ‘the Arab spring’ have resulted in heightened attention paid to the actions of political groups and persons with the affected countries. This has also led to an increased focus on sanctioned individuals due to their association with the respective regimes.

Predictions state that by 2020, the volume of payments in the MENA region will have reached $192.3bn and equate to 20% of the total world volume


The financial community have rightly awoken to the impending trend and will continue to safeguard the primary source of its revenue as the region is forecast to spend $1billion in 2014, up 8% from 2013. With global pressure mounting from lawmakers in extraterritorial jurisdictions, interconnected threats to vulnerable multi-channel payment systems and a costly regional migration to EMV, the financial service industry is facing its biggest challenge yet in forecasting transactional risk and regulatory compliance.

The recent cases of high-profile card and ATM fraud in addition to allegations of bank collusion with terrorist financing within the region aligns the concerns of the bank with the innovative product development teams across the financial crime solutions spectrums.

Major themes covered at Transact Secure MENA will include:

FinTech Connect therefore brings you the first ever Transact Secure conference taking place in Dubai.

  • Mapping global trends and assessing the regional risks across the transactional payment chain

  • Advancements in the ‘vulnerability discussion’ concerning m-payments, ATM security and online payment gateways

  • The role of EMV migration across MENA and what we can expect from a fraud prevention standpoint

  • Identifying the atypical ‘point of compromise’ within your financial institutions’ transaction gateways

  • How to prevent EMV migration becoming a gateway for CNP fraud, identity theft and internet banking fraud

  • An assessment of whether non-adopters of EMV strengthen channels without EMV migration Innovations across the biometric identification product line and the benefits of an successful adoption

  • The G2B Opportunity: Tailoring IT infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of sanction screening, counter-terrorist financing measures and FACTA compliance

  • Opportunities to reduce the risk of non-compliance whilst maintaining operations in high-risk jurisdictions and focus on reaching the ‘unbanked’

- See more at: Transact Secure MENA

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