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I'm glad to announce this year I will be speaking at EC Council's leading "Hacker" Conference, "Hacker Halted" again.

The session will be in All Things Technical track and will cover " An Anotomy of a Cyber Attack".

Before that i will be also attending EC Council's Partner Conference as part of Review Board Member to launch the updated certifications as annouinced earlier in a different blog post.

About Hacker Halted

Hacker Halted is a global series of Computer and Information Security conferences presented by EC-Council. The objective of the Hacker Halted conferences is to raise international awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT Security.

This year’s Hacker Halted will take a look at the plague that is afflicting our society at all levels; The Cyber Pandemic.

Throughout history humans have encountered plagues that have wiped out major sections of the population. Among others there were the bubonic plague and Spanish Flu. Along these lines there have also been many diseases caused by viruses such as the Hantavirus and Ebola viruses. Of course our medical community moves quickly to discover, the cause, cure or isolate the infected and vaccinate those at risk.

So what is the Cyber Pandemic? In our opinion this is the plaque of modern humanity. Of course this this not a biological hazard or “biohazard”, as with diseases that affect living organisms, but rather a “Cyberhazard” meaning viruses and plagues that affect the technology that our society has come to rely on.

Hacker Halted 2015 will bring the best minds to Atlanta, GA in September to examine the Cyber Pandemic and how hacking has become a plague that has found its way into our every day lives by attacking retail and infecting us where we spend the most time and money. Here is a snapshot of the damaged caused by the Cyber Pandemic in just 2014:

For more details :


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