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By Troy Hunt ( Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP, i did like the post, and want to share it with you)

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but, well, your company network is compromised. I know, I know, you thought you had firewalls and antivirus and Dropbox is blocked but somehow the nasties got in. Unfortunately that also means that all the web apps you have behind your corporate firewall are, for all intents and purposes, now public.

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If you are fallowing the security news then you are aware that there was a Vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) which could give “Hackers" access to your computers through trusted websites. If you have not patched your computer via Windows Update, here is a very easy way to fix your IE issue via Microsoft Fix It

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This post is written to give you a brief intro about E-Mail Crimes and Violations and how the leakage could occur. i did add also some references, for you to read more if you wish.

To be able to stop/ detect e-mail leakage we first need to understand how e-mails works:

An e-mail client message is composed of two parts:

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Apple iOS uses a small list of "random" words to generate default passwords for the "personal hotspot" Wifi sharing option, and researches have now exploited this security oversight to crack these passwords in less then 50 seconds for majority of them.

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The essence of an IT security policy is to establish guidelines and standards for accessing the organisations information and application systems. As IT infrastructures have become more complex and organisations resources have become more distributed, the need for improved information security has increased.

An IT security policy facilitates the communication of security procedures to users and makes them more aware of potential security threats and associated business risks. A written IT security policy helps to enhance the performance of the organisations IT security systems and the e-business systems that they support.

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It’s not a secret that most of the viruses like to use to infect victim’s PC’s via Autorun. The autorun.inf files in Windows operating systems are used to open and run files from removable media (such as USB, MP3 Players, CD\DVD’s etc.) However, the autorun virus simply hides behind the autorun.inf name while harming your computer at the same time

Hacker’s, malware writers knows that removable devices are one of the easiest way to spread their harmful codes. Conflicter, Kido are just 2 examples.

So I highly recommend to disable Autorun in your PC’s, and here is few ways:

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This is a post which I wrote while I was teaching EC Council’s famous Certified Ethical Hacker class, one of the chapter has some details on “Google hacking” … During the class we found very interesting details…

We found Scanned Australian Passport, Driver Licance, Birth Certificate and many other confidential data in a web site. This post was published after the content was removed with my and my students efforts from the  "Semi Government" owned web site.

All the images has been "blurred" by me to protect the victims , and this post has reached out more then twenty thousand clicks within a week and has reached many re tweets and was published in many newspapers...

Below is a nice proof of concept why we should be very careful when we share our "ID"

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