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Did you ever see a life hack on the stage as demo ? No set up, a volunteered attendee was invited to the stage out of 4000 people and the result was scary. This Video is all about what you need to be more secure in front of you Computers, online or offline.

It’s build to shake and wake you up. It’s time to decide what is important for you and how your behaviour in front of your computer can affect your Enterprise, regardless of your user rights.

If you are interested in security and want to protect your data in the real world, then you should watch this Microsoft Ignite session, to see how Windows addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures and applications from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks.

Watch the session at Microsoft Channel 9 :

Download the Power Points                     :

Download the session                             :

Download Mobile version of the session    :


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